Who we’re not

We’re not the shiny, suited-up ad agency on the 83rd floor. We’re not the boutique shop you call when you need some uber creative. And we're not the niche agency that specializes in one industry. Yet, oddly, we are all these things. We’re Tungsten.

jody farrell

As a glass-half-full kind of girl, Jody is a positive force here at Tungsten. Wearing many hats, including agency partner, she is also Tungsten’s creative director and the first face many of our clients see. Jody takes our project deadlines very seriously. Yet, conversely, she seems to be of the mindset that food expiration dates are more of a general guideline than a strict cutoff.

joe weunski

Some call it OCD, but Joe prefers the term thorough. With decades of experience, Joe’s attention to detail and proper use of Microsoft Word tab functions are something for us all to admire. As agency partner, he performs numerous duties like copywriting, concept development, account management — and regularly purging the contents of the Tungsten refrigerator.

barb ruscitto

Barb knows everyone. And so right now you’re probably sitting there thinking that’s just a literary device — an embellished hyperbole to illustrate the fact that Barb is a people person who is well connected in the community. Nope. She actually knows every person. Which, we admit, comes in quite handy in her busy role as account manager, media buyer and event planner.

jen winkler

An accomplished illustrator herself, Jen has always been a fan of the comic book genre — particularly when it involves superheroes. At Tungsten, Jen is a senior designer who oversees both print and web. Over the years, she has developed incredible focus. Insane attention to fine detail. And the uncanny ability to scale tall buildings while wearing a utility belt.

olivia mccaslin

Graphic design. It's just like drinking a good bottle of wine. They both um… well, they're sort of… uh… OK scratch that, they are nothing alike. But Olivia happens to be quite adept at both. Just like a vintage 1975 Domaine d'Auvenay Les Bonnes, Olivia is very versatile. And a rare find. And brimming with character. And somewhat complex. Seriously, we could do this all day.

kayli styborski

Kayli's daily commute brings her from the outer reaches of the county. In fact, it’s quite common for her to wake up and find a stray animal in her front yard. Like a dog. Or a cow. Kayli is focused mainly on print design for a wide range of clients — from health care and nonprofits, to retail and higher ed. Oh, and if you recently lost a goat, you might want to give Kayli a call.

corry lino

If you are what you eat, then Corry is composed mainly of granola and water. But don’t try to hang a label on this guy. He’s just as comfortable gutting a deer or off-roading in his full-size GMC 4x4 as he is sharing recipes on his Pinterest board. It doesn’t take long to realize that Corry’s personality — and his graphic design skills — are much more complex than his diet.

sheila hultgren

As Tungsten's production manager, Sheila might have one of the toughest jobs of all — keeping all of us, our clients and our vendor partners on task and on deadline. You could say she is the glue that holds everything together. Which is in no way some sick joke about the fact that she owns a horse. Oh who are we kidding. It is totally a sick joke about her horse.

Alli Hess

As a true crime aficionado, Alli knows how to get to the bottom of things. Every day, she expertly decodes the mysteries of top social media platforms to determine what strategies will work best — and what won't. Alli’s relentless pursuit to uncover the most effective means of reaching today’s digital consumer will never stop. Because that would be a real crime.

Margaret Pett

Margaret knows a little bit about a lot of things. And that broad knowledge base is exactly what you want in a content specialist. Although most writers we know do lots of writing and far less talking, Margaret excels at both. If you ever have a few hours to kill, you can always get her going with a question about historical archive preservation. Or just by saying Hi, I’m Bob.

oto hlincik

As Tungsten's web division director, Oto is a true frontiersman. He is constantly out there on the lookout for the latest and best technology to corral for our clients. We reckon he won't rest as long as there's work to be done taming the wild, wild web. You could say he's a real, modern-day, American cowboy. Except he's Slovakian. And he drives a Hyundai.

owen roth

Owen fell in love with computers just as they were starting to bring the awesomeness of solitaire to people’s lives. Since then, he’s achieved some serious IT proficiency. So now at Tungsten, his unique ability to put .htaccess configuration into layman’s terms makes him the perfect guy to head up our web customer support and CMS training.

michal bulla

Every good web development team has that one guy. No, not the guy who steals your yogurt from the fridge on your day off because he "didn't want it to go bad." The other guy. That behind-the-scenes guy who spends all night programming and building the things that we talk to our clients about all day. That guy you love to have on your team. Buli is that guy.

patty carey

The only person at Tungsten with two first names, Patty's mad calculator skills — and her ridiculously excessive number of undergraduate degrees — have earned her the role as our internal accountant and office manager. As the left-brained, logical type, we often wonder if Patty thinks we're all just a bit nuts. But then we go back to our padded offices and keep working.