Five Ways a Second Grader Learns About Digital Marketing

Perhaps it was one of those second-grade school projects that instilled us Tungstonians with a deep love for all things digital marketing. From the intricacies of search engine optimization (SEO) to the engaging storytelling of social media, we can trace our digital marketing foundation all the way back to those pine desks and Sharp #2 pencils.

Here's a look at some of those school projects and how they translate into what we do today.

Ad Creation

Coloring Pages

Whether you’re developing text ads for Google, display ads for Facebook or a little bit of both, you can be creative but your periwinkle Crayola crayon still has to stay within the lines. Anything from the language within an ad to the possible perceptions a user might gain from your ad, there are clear lines that cannot be crossed if you want your ad to be approved by the Google and Facebook powers that be.

A/B Testing

Paper Mache Volcano

Do you remember carefully mixing the perfect vinegar to baking soda ratio, or so you thought, only to have nothing happen? The way you found out what you did wrong was by carefully altering one of the ingredients to see if it mixed better with the rest of the project after the change. This is the same with A/B testing — comparing a change to one element of your web page to see what will produce the best results.


Raising Caterpillars

SEO takes time. It needs time to grow and mature before it can transform and show beautiful results. The connections between keywords, content, landing pages and metadata are needed for SEO to spread its wings and fly off into the sunset. Like a caterpillar hoping to become a butterfly, SEO needs tender love and care in the form of the right amount of attention to detail and understanding of its needs.

Data Reporting

Interpreting Poetry

Data tells a beautiful story, but you have to interpret it so that the underlying message is understood and can be applied in beneficial ways. Sometimes the message is clear, sometimes it is not and sometimes it can be interpreted in multiple ways. A data savvy individual can dive in and interpret the data like Shakespeare himself … if web analytics had existed then, of course.

Social Media

Show and Tell

Did you take your favorite Cabbage Patch Kid or Matchbox car to school so you could show it off to your classmates? Of course, you did. When you’re proud of something, you should share with your friends so they know about it too. For example, if you liked this article, you should share it with others via social media. Or if you LOVE your digital marketer, you should share that information with others too. Just sayin’.

Digital marketing is truly part art and part science, both of which we are pretty good at. So, if you need any parental supervision for your next arts and craft project, just email our web and digital marketing gurus.

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